Clone - Group Developed

HTML | CSS | React | Redux | Node.js | Heroku | PostgreSQL | React-Slick | Massive | Parallax | Jest | Postman

-This web app is a clone of the award-winning portfolio site for branding agency Build in Amsterdam.

-In addition to cloning the look and feel of the original site, we added functionality that allows the user to create, update and delete posts on the site.

-Uses React to mimic the layout of a site originally created in Wordpress. This increases navigational responsiveness. Uses Jest to test front end javascript functions

-Uses React Slick to animate photo carousel

-Uses Parallax to provide a sense of visual depth

-Employs a variety of npm packages and vanilla css for scrolling and navigating between pages

Kyzmt Vid

HTML | CSS | React | Redux | Node.js | Heroku | PostgreSQL | AuthO | Twillio
-This web app helps friends make plans and align schedules
-Redux manages state while creating user events
-Particles.js animates landing page
-Option of using Twillio to text out invitations and alert guests of event changes